Major European media association welcomes EGBA’s new responsible advertising code

EGBA’s responsible advertising code of conduct has been welcomed by the association representing Europe’s TV and radio media sales houses.

The European association for TV and radio sales houses (egta) has welcomed EGBA’s new code of conduct on responsible advertising for online gambling and will now promote the code to its members and encourage them to support it.

EGBA’s code is the first pan-European initiative for online gambling advertising and leads the way in responsible standards for advertising. The code introduces essential consumer protection measures for responsible advertising content, across all media platforms, and dedicated measures for social media and minor protection. The code applies to EGBA members, other EU/EEA-based online gambling companies who sign up to it, and its application will be monitored by an independent third party. A recent analysis found the code to complement and reinforce the existing regulation of gambling advertising in European countries and, in several countries, the code’s measures are stricter than existing national rules.

The code has been endorsed so far by five national gambling associations: BelgiumDenmarkThe NetherlandsNorway and Portugal.

“We’re very pleased to present EGBA’s Code of Conduct for responsible gambling advertising, which promotes high standards for minor protection and socially responsible advertising content. Advertising is essential to inform the consumer of the websites which are regulated and steer them away from rogue black-market websites. But advertising is how the gambling sector is visible to the outside world and it should be responsible and protect consumers, particularly minors. We welcome egta’s support for the code, the engagement of the media sector is extremely valuable for the success of this initiative and we look forward to liaising with egta members to promote the code further.” – Maarten Haijer, Secretary General (EGBA).

More information about the code:


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