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New report reviews the consumer protections offered by online services - including gambling


A new report by KPMG has reviewed the consumer protections of various online services, including gambling, and its findings show that EGBA members offer many detailed consumer protection measures. Brussels, Today – A new report by KPMG has reviewed the consumer protection measures offered by various online services, including gambling, and found that EGBA members offer many and detailed consumer protection measures, particularly in respect to safer gambling and data protection. The report, commissioned by EGBA, reviewed one gambling website from each of EGBA’s six member companies[1] in both Denmark and the UK,[2] along with one website in each jurisdiction for selected social media, financial services, relationship, alcohol retail, and e-sports companies. KPMG reviewed the terms and conditions contracts[3] of each website across five focus areas: Know-Your-Customer; Customer Safety; Data Protection; Anti-money Laundering; and Advertising. For the reviewed websites of EGBA members, the report found: Know Your Customer (KYC): All...

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EGBA strengthens anti-money laundering efforts with new pan-European guidelines


New EGBA guidelines introduce a set of pan-European, self-regulatory standards to help Europe’s online gambling operators comply with the latest EU and national anti-money laundering rules and contribute to Europe’s fight against money laundering. EGBA invites feedback on the guidelines from interested stakeholders by 13 October 2022. Brussels, Today - The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has published the first ever pan-European, self-regulatory guidelines to strengthen the anti-money laundering (AML) efforts of Europe’s online gambling operators and support the sector’s contribution to the fight against money laundering. The publication of the guidelines continues EGBA’s commitment to promote the highest level of industry responsibility. The EGBA guidelines on fighting money laundering and terrorist financing contain best practice industry standards, which online gambling operators should apply across their entire EU and EEA operations. The guidelines apply a risk-based approach and include sector-specific guidance to support a high standard of compliance with...

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EGBA members make responsible advertising progress with first code monitoring exercise


The first independent monitoring of EGBA’s pan-European responsible advertising code found that the code provides a solid basis for responsible advertising, due to its comprehensive and detailed content, and EGBA members already correctly apply most of its measures. Brussels, Today - Members of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) have made progress in their responsible advertising efforts according to the first independent monitoring of the association’s pan-European responsible advertising code. The monitoring was conducted by the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA),[1] the Brussels-based association representing Europe’s self-regulatory organisations for advertising, who found that the EGBA code is a solid basis for responsible advertising and EGBA members[2] already apply most of its measures. Based on the results, EASA also suggested improvements that could be made to strengthen the code and its application. The pan-European responsible advertising code for online gambling was established by EGBA in 2020 and covers advertising content,...

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European Safer Gambling Week, 17-23 October 2022


<<< REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN: SIGN UP HERE >>> The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is pleased to announce the second edition of the European Safer Gambling Week (ESGW) taking place on 17-23 October 2022. The ESGW is an annual cross-border initiative to promote safer gambling in Europe and was established by EGBA in 2021. It is supported by a group of European online gambling associations, including EGBA and its members, who come together each year to encourage open and honest conversations about safer gambling in Europe. The objective is to: Raise awareness about safer gambling. Provide customers with the information they need to gamble more safely. Sign-post the informational resources and help available for those who need it. Discuss the latest developments in safer gambling regulations and research. While the ESGW focuses on a week of events and initiatives, EGBA and its members are committed to promoting a strong culture of...

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Significant differences exist in problem gambling monitoring in Europe – new study


A new pan-European study has found significant differences in how European countries monitor and report problem gambling with 12 countries having regular national surveys about problem gambling prevalence. Brussels, Today – Significant differences exist in how European countries monitor and report on problem gambling, according to a new study published by the City, University of London. The study found that just 12 countries have regular national surveys about problem gambling prevalence and significant differences exist in the measurement tools and methodologies used in these surveys. The study found that levels of problem gambling in European countries range from 0.3% to 6.4% of the adult population but significant differences in national survey methods, screening tools, survey timings and target age groups, makes any meaningful comparisons between countries difficult. The pan-European study reviewed the monitoring and reporting frameworks of 20 European countries,[1] covering the period 2015-2020, and assessed national approaches to problem gambling...

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EGBA establishes new expert group to counter cyber security threats


Gambling websites are a lucrative target for cyber criminals but the establishment of EGBA’s new expert group will enable Europe’s leading online gambling operators to share information and best practices to counter the latest cyber security threats.  Brussels, Today - The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has established a new expert group to help support and coordinate the efforts of its members to counter the latest cyber security threats against gambling websites. The group will enable EGBA members to share information with each other about the latest cyber threats and attacks, cooperate to track and resolve incidents, identify and solve security vulnerabilities, and implement the latest best practices in cyber security. Gambling websites are an increasingly lucrative target for organised and professional cyber criminals who deploy a range of sophisticated methods to try to access player accounts, and steal funds and customer data stored within these. According to cyber...

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