The March Edition of EGBA News is Now Out!

Electronic identification is the focus of our first EGBA news of 2018. More and more consumers are seeing the benefits of using electronic identification when shopping online or accessing public services. But maintaining trust and security are two fundamental factors for ensuring consumers and businesses continue using electronic identification methods. This is ever more important in an age of online fraud and when more and more young people are active online. We are honored to receive in this edition of EGBA news contributions from both the public and private sector on the importance of electronic identification and its opportunities. Andrea Servida from the European Commission gives his take on the European Commission’s main regulation in this area – the electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS) regulation – the advantages its brings to the private and public sector alike, and how it can ensure accurate age verification and help in the fight against fraud and money laundering, topics of particular importance for payments sectors, like the EU online gambling sector. Our second article comes from Marcel Wendt, CTO and founder of Digidentity, a digital identity service provider which is recognised as an eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider. Digidentity works with both government and private sector entities, and explains how the service works in practice, and its benefits for both consumers and businesses.

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