EGBA joins European AI Alliance

On 8 February the EGBA joined the European AI alliance, a new stakeholder forum which has been established by the European Commission to engage in a broad and open discussion of all aspects of Artificial Intelligence development and its impacts. The European AI Alliance will form a broad multi-stakeholder platform which will complement and support the work of the Commission’s AI High Level Expert Group in particular in preparing draft AI ethics guidelines, and ensuring competitiveness of the EU in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

EGBA is pleased to join the European AI Alliance and looks forward to engaging with the Commission and other stakeholders to ensure the benefits of AI can be harnessed within the online gambling sector. AI has the potential to be a very important tool to help attain important public policy objectives in the online gambling sector, including – the prevention of fraud, tackling money laundering, strengthening consumer protection and the prevention of problem gambling.

More info about the initiative

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