Betsson: A healthy relationship to gaming

Betsson has been in the gaming industry for 60 years, so having a long-term approach to business is built into the company DNA. Sustainability is therefore an integral part of our business strategy, as it is crucial for generating value for shareholders while taking long-term responsibility for customers, employees, and the communities where we operate. Betsson’s sustainability framework has five focus areas with related ambitions, goals and KPIs.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is at the heart of the framework and our most important sustainability area. During 2021, Betsson launched an updated version of our Responsible Gaming Prediction Tool, which looks at a customer’s profile in an even more holistic manner, focusing on parameters identified in academic studies. The tool provides a 360-degree view of the customers’ gaming behaviour, identifies patterns, and alerts staff to signs of risk for problem gambling.

Through the alerts provided by the system, the dedicated Responsible Gaming team can tailor their interactions and support individual customers through the provision of tools for sustainable gambling. Betsson has a high level of interactions with customers. We do not only monitor, but also take action, meaning our competent Responsible Gaming Team has the expertise, resources, and mandate to truly support customers in having a healthy relationship with their gaming.

Business Compliance

Betsson operates in many European countries and holds a number of gaming licenses with significantly varied legal and regulatory requirements. To ensure long-term sustainable operations and profitability, compliance with laws, regulations and ethical standards in these jurisdictions is crucial. We constantly work to counteract and mitigate any risks of money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption as well as match-fixing. For this we have internal, proprietary monitoring tools and also tools from third-party suppliers, and the proper policies and procedures in place.

Employee Impact

Betsson’s ambition is to be the Employer of Choice – top of mind for both current and potential employees. Attracting talent with the right skills, retaining, and further developing employees is an important part of our winning concept, and we have a strong and healthy company culture with unifying, shared values.

To provide a great employee experience, great leadership as well as a focus on diversity and inclusion is key. The 2021 Employee survey showed that 88% of our employees are proud to work at Betsson and as many would recommend Betsson as an employer to family and friends.

Social Impact

Betsson has always been involved in the local communities where we have offices and aim to make a positive impact. We direct our support where it’s most needed, and as a result during the height of Covid in 2020 and 2021, our efforts were focused on supporting frontline healthcare workers and vulnerable groups in society, whereas in 2022 we have directed our support towards humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

Climate Impact

Betsson is a 100% climate neutral company and compensates for its emissions by investing in climate positive projects. We also climate compensate for the electricity used by our customers when they are playing on our brands.

Betsson has set official climate targets for how much we will reduce our emissions by 2030 and has developed a climate roadmap to reach our goals.

International recognition

In 2021, Betsson received several awards for its work within sustainability and customer care:

  • Customer Services Operator of the Year at the EGR Nordics Awards
  • Socially responsible Sportsbook of the Year at the SBC Awards
  • Safer Gambling Operator of the Year at the International Gaming Awards • Responsible Gaming of the Year at the Europe Gaming Awards
  • Diversity & Inclusion Award at the Women in Gaming, Diversity Awards
  • Workplace of the Year at the Europe Gaming Awards
  • Employer of the Year at the SBC Awards

More information:

*This article features in EGBA’s recently published annual Sustainability Report 2021/22.

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