On 23-26 May next year, Europeans go to the polls in a crucial election which will shape the future of Europe. And with election fever beginning to take its grip on Brussels and beyond, the question on everyone’s lips is: “Who’s going to win?” But if you can’t wait until next May to find out your political party’s election chances, then we have some good news for you.

We are partnering with the EU media outlet Politico to support their dedicated news coverage for the 2019 European elections with live updates on which political parties the bookmakers think are going to win the elections. We will be there every step of the way to help guide you through the latest news, hype and speculation…you can bet on that.

So if you want to know which way the political winds could blow in your country, whether there will be increased public support for more or less Europe, or who is likely to win the spitzenkandidaten process – then please follow this website section to find out more. This is a crucial election for the future of Europe – and we are proud to be a part of the debate.

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